• Workshop with Hynda K. Kleinman (The George Washington University, School of Medicine, Washington, DC),  Rome, April 22, 2015.   The one-minute speech, the unwritten rules on how to promote yourself, how to write a cover letter, how to prepare a resumé, how to prepare for the job interview and seminar, what you need to look for in a mentor, leadership, finding research money …
  • International Meeting “Career Planning & Development in the chemical, pharmaceutical, biological and bio-technological field” (Rome, March 3, 2014)
  • Workshops addressed to student and graduates in the chemical, pharmaceutical, pharmacological, biological, biotechnological field.


  • Course “Alcohol policies, young people and research” (Rome, June 7, 2010), in cooperation with Osservatorio Permanente Giovani ed Alcool and Associazione ITACA Italia
  • Meeting “Double diagnosis in the dipendencies associated to pathological conditions: ethical, medical and support aspects” (Rome, 2008)
  • Training course “Ethical, medical, experimental and juridical aspects of drug addiction” (Rome, 2001). Ann Ist Super Sanità, 2002 (ed. G. Laviola, L. Saso, R. Azzaro Pulvirenti, B. Silvestrini)
  • Meeting “Synthesis, Testing and Pharmacological Applications of Lipase Inhibitors” (Rome, 2001)
  • International Meeting “Pharmacological approaches to male fertility: from contraception to the treatment of sterility” (Rome, 2000), Contraception, 2002, 65 (4)
  • Meeting “From doping to the physiological support of sport activities” (Rome, 1999)
  • Meeting “Dry Eye Syndrome” (Rome, 1997)
  • “Biomedical Days Valle d’Itria” (Locorotondo, Bari, 1997)
  • Meeting “Medicinal plants in Pharmacy” (Rome, 1995), Prometheus, Franco Angeli Ed., Milano, 1997 (ed. P. Bisogno, D. Piccinelli)
  • Meeting “Purification, Characterisation and Production of proteins in pharmacological research” (Rome, 1994), Prometheus, Franco Angeli, Milano, 1997, editors P. Bisogno, D. Piccinelli
  • Training course in “Ocular pharmacology” (Rome, 1994)
  • Training course “Medicinal plants in Pharmacy” (Rome, 1993)
  • Training course “Informatics and drugs” (Rome, 1993)
  • Training course “Purification, characterization and production of proteins in pharmacological research” (Rome, 1992)


  • Meeting “Nurturing talents. Analysis, experiences and proposals about the present situation in Italy” (Rome, 2011). Proceedings edited by L. Brossico, L. Di Lecce, C. Meloni, Edit. Franco Angeli, Prometheus, Milano, 2013
  • Young people in a changing society. Role of science in training and in job world (Rome, 1996). Proceedings ed. by Bisogno Paolo; Caglioti Luciano; Silvestrini Bruno, Edit. Franco Angeli, Prometheus, Milano, 1998
  • Meeting “Science and Technology for peace in the Middle East” (Rome, 1994)
  • Meeting “Transformations of present society and youth employment” (Rome, 1985). Proceedings ed. by Istituto di Studi sulla Ricerca e Documentazione Scientifica of the National Research Council, 1985, n. 14.