Noopolis has promoted many scientific projects, especially in the field of health care, in cooperation with Italian and international institutions.

Scientific projects

  • Vaccines for the developing countries (2006-2012 – in cooperation with SBM srl)
  • Male fertility: from contraception to the treatment of sterility (2002-2011 – in cooperation with the Population Council, USA and the NIH, USA)
  • Experimental models of male infertility (1995-2002 – in cooperation with the Population Council, USA and Conrad, USA)
  • Diagnostic tests  for auto-himmune pathologies  (1989-95 – in cooperation with the Population Council, USA)

Projects with ethical and social aims

  • Participation of young people in the bioethical debate about scientific research (2008-2011 – in cooperation with the National Research Council and the Italian National Health Institute)
  • Healthy Growth Charter (2006-2012 – in cooperation with CONI)

Projects for the development of databases containing information about scholarships and educational opportunities, research centres and projects, scientific and technological innovation

  • Survey about scholarships as training tool (1998, in cooperation with MIUR)
  • Implementation of a database of research centres and projects (1996-97 – MIUR)
  • Survey about scientific research and its practical applications (1995-96 – CNR)
  • Development of a database about scientific and technological innovation (1994-95 – CNR)
  • Implementation of a database about the risks related to the use of advanced technologies (1994-95 – CNR)
  • Survey about the European scholarships databases  (1989-90 – Erasmus Bureau)
  • Development of the Noopolis database about scholarships (1985-1987, Erasmus Bureau and CNR)