Bruno Silvestrini, Drug sicknessLAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing, 2014 (original edition Bruno Silvestrini, Malati di droga, I edizione Lyra Edizioni, 2001; Sperling & Kupfer, 1995; Red Edizioni 2009)

The drug addict is a sick person who needs to be cared for, but the attraction to drugs stems from reasons inherent in human nature: the suffering, the defeats, the greyness of everyday life. Drug sickness is a book written to understand a problem that affects all of us. It addresses both scientific community and ordinary people, providing an overview of critical aspects, including Definitions and Classifications, Epidemiology, Routes of Administration, the homeostasis of Drug Addiction, role of Temperaments, Endogenous drugs and Sex. A detailed discussion is provided concerning the underlining diseases, the borders between Crime and Illness and the nature of war against the drug. A personal experience with LSD is also reported